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It’s important that you don’t rule out any options when it comes to finding a great angle for your shot, so don’t be afraid of getting down on the ground or standing on top of a desk. Don’t be scared to stick out. You never know, you may be very pleasantly surprised at the aspect on the world that these perspectives gives you.

Any movement that gives you a different impression of your surroundings will inspire creativity and aid you in finding interesting angles.

This can often be harder than it sounds, but if you can achieve a vantage point to look down upon your subject matter, then the results can be extremely rewarding. Try and find a high vantage point that will enable you a good view of the world below and be sure to have your camera strap around your neck so there’s no risk of loosing your camera!

Shooting from above also has the distinct advantage of cleaning up your background. Instead of overexposed skies or ugly overhead lighting, you fill your shot with clean glass or other environmental factors that can add to your shot.

On the extreme side of things, if you’re ever lucky enough to travel by helicopter or hot air balloon, be sure to take your camera with you as you’ll have a great chance to try out some aerial photography.


Photo by Ekaterina Utimisova

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