Maximize impact

By ammirare | April, 12, 2012 | 0 comments

Think about how to maximize the impact of the shot, taking into consideration the vital elements that need to be included. For example, if working on a fashion shoot, consider whether you need to include the entirety of the model, or whether there are more creative options in finding an angle that draws attention to a particular item of interest.

Working with angles centers around the compositional element of your shot, so as you explore the variety of options you need to consider certain compositional aspects, just as you would with any of your photography. Is there any dead space in your shot? Are you utilizing the space within the frame well, or are there areas of the shot that aren’t attracting any visual attention?

What is the focal point of your shot and can you see it in enough detail? What do you want to lead the viewers attention towards? Have you considered filling the frame with your chosen subject, but from an angle that the viewer might not expect?


Photo  by Ekaterina Utimisova.

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