Composition is one of the most important skills a photographer can learn.

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Shoot in black and white

Working in black and white is an ideal way to learn about composition. The reason for this is simple. Color is a strong element within any image, and used well it is a powerful compositional tool in its own right, but it pulls attention away from the basic visual building blocks of all good images such as line, tonal contrast, texture, shape and pattern.

If you work in black and white, even if it’s not where your true passion lies, you can see the underlying elements of good composition more clearly.
Color is such an attention grabber that it can hide poor composition. In black and white however, there’s nowhere to hide, and that’s a good thing when it comes to learning about composition. If you work your way through the ideas in this article you’ll become a better black and white photographer, and the lessons you learn can be applied when you work in color to make your color images stronger, too.


Information from  Andrew S Gibson Blog : Writer & Fine Art  Photographer

Photo  by Ekaterina Utimisova

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