Composition is one of the most important skills a photographer can learn.

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Shoot for line

Lines are an important part of many photographic compositions. There are three basic sorts:

Straight lines such as horizons that stretch across from one side of the image to the other. They tend to impart a serene feeling, that is emphasized further if you use the panoramic format (which is one of the reasons some landscape photographers like using it).
Diagonal lines that move from one part of the image to another. These pull the viewer’s eye through the image and create a sense of movement and dynamism. They are energetic as opposed to peaceful.
Curved lines that meander through the image. Curved lines and S-curves are kind of like chilled out diagonal lines. They help create movement in the image but they do it in a peaceful way. You often see them in landscapes.
Go and take some photos where line is an important part of the composition. Think about visiting interesting stretches of road. Head out to where a rail line comes through your town.

The converging lines in this photo are very powerful, leading the eye from the foreground to the horizon. It’s a very dynamic composition. Diagonal lines add a sense of movement to a photo, and help you create a photo with impact.


Information from  Andrew S Gibson Blog : Writer & Fine Art  Photographer

Photo  by Ekaterina Utimisova

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