Composition is one of the most important skills a photographer can learn.

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Photograph texture

Texture is another element that plays an important role in some photos, and that is more prominent in black and white than color.If you look at the work of the landscape photographers, you will see that the textures of rocks, water, wood and stone are an important part of many of their compositions.
Also important is lack of texture, and there is a strong contrast in many of their images between areas with texture and areas without. You’ll see this most clearly in long exposure images where the smoothed out water balances the strong textures of rocks and other objects in the sea.
Texture and lighting go hand in hand. Bright, direct sunlight flattens texture, while raking side light emphasizes it. Shooting near the end of the day, when the sun is low in the sky, will help you emphasize texture. enough, texture also stands out in soft lighting.
Put this into practice by taking some photos that emphasize texture. Natural scenes full of texture, so go out for a hike or a canoe trip. Bark, grass, leaves and water all create great subjects.


Information from  Andrew S Gibson Blog : Writer & Fine Art  Photographer

Photo  by  Ekaterina Utimisova

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